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IJM is a global organisation 
that protects people
in poverty from violence. 

The International Justice Mission (IJM)

is the largest international anti-slavery organisation in the world, comprised of a team of undercover investigators, lawyers, social workers and advocates.

IJM partners with local authorities in 21 program offices in 13 countries to combat slavery, violence against women and children, and other forms of abuse against those in poverty. IJM works to rescue and restore victims, hold perpetrators accountable, and help strengthen public justice systems.

3 point proven plan for systemic change:


First, IJM finds victims of violence, forced labour or sex trafficking. Then they support local police to rescue them. Once free, IJM makes sure  survivors' everyday needs are met. They partner with organisations to give every survivor a safe home, food, medical care, counselling, education and a tailored plan to thrive.


Second, IJM ensures criminals cannot continue to harm victims.

IJM supports the police in investigating, arresting and charging slave owners and traffickers for their crimes, and IJM lawyers work tirelessly to ensure that

justice is served. 


Once survivors are rescued and their abusers have been arrested, IJM goes after the root causes of slavery.

Usually slave owners and traffickers only operate when justice systems stop working and they know they can get away with their crimes.  IJM works to make sure laws against slavery are enforced, so that it becomes legally and financially impossible for slave owners and traffickers to stay in business.

IJM has helped rescue over 50,000 people from slavery and oppression globally and we have seen reductions in slavery of up to 86% in places where IJM has worked.

Learn more at IJMUK.org

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IJM’s work has been recognised by the U.S. State Department, the World Economic Forum and leaders around the globe, as well as featured by The Guardian, The New York Times, Reuters, BBC and CNN, among many others.



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