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RX80 Design

We are extremely proud to be part of the launch of Roxy, the RX80 – Rannoch's newly built boat!

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Rannoch Testimonial

“When you start flipping upside down and 40 knot winds,  10° water temp and breaking waves coming at you from all three directions, having confidence in who but your boat is pretty high on your mind...”

 - Grant Rawlinson, first person to row from Singapore to Australia 

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Charlie inspecting the hull layout.jpeg

Inspecting the hull layout

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Roxy arriving at Rannoch HQ for fit out - September 2020

Roxy's hull being laid up - July 2020

The row deck before the fit out.jpeg

The row deck before the fit out

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Unpacking Roxy's auxiliary power

Roxy being lifted off the trailer.jpg

Roxy being lifted off the trailer

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Roxy being lifted into the water - October 2020

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